Web Mail

EmailArchitect Email Server is integrated with IIS Server to provide Web Mail service. User can send/ receive email via a web browser remotely. To support multiple languages, Web Mail displays content in UTF-8 encoding which can display all character codes correctly.

UTF-8 Encoding

EmailArchitect Email Server uses UTF-8 encoding to encode email content no matter the original email's character set is. The most advanced feature is that EmailArchitect Web Mail can display multiple languages on the same page.

SSL/TLS Connection

EmailArchitect Email Server also supports SSL/TLS connection in Web Mail service. Confidential messages can be transferred under secure socket layer.

Html Composer

EmailArchitect Web Mail provides a Html Composer to Internet Explorer users. With this composer, user can compose the rich text e-mail content. Font type, style and color can be totally customized.

Messages, Folders and Contacts Management

EmailArchitect Email Server support multiple mailboxes (folders) in one user account, the default mailbox is "Inbox". User can create, delete and rename folder and create, read, reply, forward, move and delete messages with web mail. Global Contacts and Personal Contacts are also available in web mail, both Global Contacts and Personal Contacts support import/export function with Outlook/Oultook Express.

Options and Preferences

There are many options and preferences available in web mail.

Options: Languages, Signature, Change Password, E-mail Forward, Forgot Password, Auto-Reply, Block Sender, Customized Filter, Anti-Spam, Domain Administration( for domain administrator only ).

Preferences: Message Compositon, Message Display, Message Delete, Delivery Report.

Open Source ASP Code

Web Mail is built by ASP + EmailArchitectObjects, all asp source code are available at installation path\webaccess, developers can rebuild customized web mail interface in minutes.

User Self-Registration

EmailArchitect Web Mail also supports user self-registration just like what hotmail and other free email providers do. In EmailArchitect Server installation path\webaccess\additional, there is a file named "registration.asp", it demonstrates how to enable user self-registration in web mail.