EmailArchitect Email Server is a secure email server which fully supports SSL/TLS.

Web SSL Mail

EmailArchitect Web Access is integrated with Microsoft IIS. Therefore, what you need to do is to install SSL certificate on IIS server.

After installed SSL certificate on  IIS server, you can access Web Access under secure layer via this link: https://hostname/emailarchitect

SMTP SSL/TLS Connection

EmailArchitect SMTP Service supports both direct SSL connection and STARTTLS command; (default setting is disabled, you must enable it at "Web Access" -> SMTP Services)

POP3/IMAP4 SSL Connection

EmailArchitect POP3/IMAP4 Service supports direct SSL connection.

EmailArchitect server installation package is provided with a testing SSL certificate. You can directly access SMTP/POP3/IMAP4 SSL service via Outlook or other email clients. Since the certificate provided is not published by a third-party authority, some warning messages will pop up on your email client, you can just ignore them.

If you want to use your SSL certificate, you can replace the current testing certificate as follow:

  • Exports your certificate with private key to a "*.pfx" file.
  • Logon Web Access as system user -> Certificates.
  • Input your current *.pfx file full path and protection password and click OK.

Multiple SSL Certificates

EmailArchitect also supports binding multiple SSL certificates with different IP address/port. Please click here for more detail.