Anti-Spam module was launched since version 5.2. In the past experiences, it effectively blocked the 99.9% junk e-mail. Different with RBLs service, Anti-Spam service uses the customized rules and built-in functions to check the message content.

Behind of Realtime Black List

Because RBLs servers list most IP addresses that have been complaint to send junk e-mails, so the most junk emails have been blocked by RBLs service at first. The Anti-Spam service just checks junk emails passed by RBLs.

Two Anti-Spam Levels

Anti-Spam service provides low and high level to user. The user can choose using low level or high level rules to check the email content.

Three Actions

Once a message was detected as junk email, the administrators and users can choose three ways to process the junk email:

A. Using "Challenge Response" technology to verify the sender e-mail address;
B. Manullay approved by specific user;
C. Move the junk email to Junk* folder or add "*SPAM*" keyword in the email subject.

Junk* Folder

Every user has a specific mailbox named "Junk*", by default, every junk e-mail will be delivered to this folder, the user will have the chance to view the emails in this folder. The emails in the folder will be cleaned by system automatically as well.

Never Blocked Addresses

The Anti-Spam will never check the email from the following email address.

1. From the address which is in personal contacts or global contacts.
2. From the authenticated user.
3. From the trusted list.
4. From the auto-white list.

Since the anti-spam service never check the email from authenticated user, so the local user must set the user authentication in e-mail client .

Auto-White List

EmailArchitect Anti-Spam module maintains a list of recent recipients' addresses sent by authenticated user. All the addresses on the list are recognized as trusted address by Anti-Spam module, and email sent from the trusted address will never be marked as Junk email. Note that once you receive a spam, don't reply it, otherwise its sender address will be added to your auto-white list.

Error Adjustment by SPF and A & MX Record

First of all, please learn more detail about Sender Policy Framework(SPF) by the following url:

Although SPF is very good solution to prevent faked email sender, but many domains haven't set the SPF record yet, so to check the MX/A record is very important to those domains.


The email sender is: and this email is from IP address: By querying the dns server of, is the MX record of and the IP address of "" is "", so there is enough reason to believe this email is not faked. And Anti-Spam service will never mark this email as junk even the email matches the junk rules.