SMTP and POP3 Server

EmailArchitect Email Server complies standard SMTP and POP3 protocol. Configurations of SMTP and POP3 service via Web Administration is fast and easy. Both SMTP and POP3 service support connection control based on client IP address.

I/O Completion Technology

Instead of traditional multiple-threadings technology, I/O completion is used in EmailArchitect Email Server. It delivers the highest performance on Windows Platform as only one thread can handle thousands of concurrent socket connection. Low CPU and memory usage contributes to the maximum performance on a single server.

Access Control

In EmailArchitect Email Server, you can limit the maximum number of connection from a single IP. This can effectively stop vicious attack. Relay restriction and ESMTP user authentication are good features to prevent spam from spreading out from anonymous user. In Connection Control or Relay Restriction, the IP addresses can be represented by wildcard(*,?) or CIDR syntax to describe the IP addresses range accurately.

Wildcard(*,?) and CIDR syntax

Direct Send and Relay by Specific Host

By default, SMTP service uses dns lookup to relay message to remote servers directly. If the server doesn't have a good network connection to the Internet, system administrator can specify the SMTP service to relay message through another SMTP server.

Compatible with Most Popular Email Client Tools

EmailArchitect SMTP/POP3 services are compatible with most popluar email client tools such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Foxmail, Eudora and etc. The POP3 service also supports the user retrieving email from specified mailbox.

Email Client Settings

SSL/TLS Connection

EmailArchitect Email Server also supports  SSL/TLS connection in SMTP/POP3 service. Confidential messages can be transferred under secure socket layer.

SMTP Event Filter

To combat daily increasing spam, EmailArchitect Email Server integrates Realtime Black List & Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus modules which is easy to use and flexible. To further enhance the power against spam and virus, EmailArchitect Software Development Kit (SDK) allows users to develope customized filter dll to catch every TCP/IP connection event. This SDK can also facilitates developers to create modules to automate additional administrative tasks.

Multiple IP addresses and Ports Binding

By default, SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/Remote Object Call services listen on all IP addresses of the server. However, system administrator can control which IP address and Port to be binded to specific service.

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