LIST Server

List is a self-management user alias in EmailArchitect Email Server. People can send an email to the list (alias email address) with subscribe keyword in the subject, the sender email address will then be added to this list. Similarly, subscribed user can send an email to the list (alias email address) with unsubscribe keyword in the subject, the sender email address will be removed from this list. Excluding the subscribe/unsubscribe email, every email to this list (alias email address) will be distributed to all email address on this list. Configuration of LIST service via Web Administration is simple. LIST service is often used for newsletter service.

Email Subscription and Unsubscription

People just need to send an email with subscription or unsubscription keywords in the email subject, then his/her email address will be added/removed from the mailing list. EmailArchitect LIST Service uses the Challenge Response technology to prevent other people subscribe an email address to the mailing list without approval of the email address's owner.

Web Subscription and Unsubscription

In the "EmailArchitect Email Server installation folder\webaccess\additional\" folder, there are two files named "subscribe.asp" and "unsubscribe.asp", administrator can set it for people to subscribe or unsubscribe the mailing list through web interface instead of sending email.

Manually Approval

A there may be many email addresses in a mailing list, unauthorized email to this mailing list would cause all subscribers receiving unwanted message. System administrator can use Message Approval function to authorize every e-ail to the mailing list to prevent junk & virus emails.

Customized Footer

LIST service supports appending text & html footer to every email body text for a specific mailing list. For example, the administrator can add a footer to a mailing list with the following content:

To unsubscribe this newsletter,
please email to with subject: remove

List Service Usage

To learn more detail about LIST Service, please click here.