Bulk Email Sender Guidelines

If you are a mail listing provider and send bulk emails every day, of course you don't want your emails are blocked or moved to Junk folder of the recipient mailbox.

To increase the inbox delivery rate of your messages, make sure that all recipients on your distribution lists actually want to receive the mail. Have a look the following sections for some tips on how to make sure your messages are welcomed by most email providers.

Common Rules

Authentication and Identification

Subscription and Unsubscribing

Body Format

Realtime Black List

Check if your IP address(es) or linked domain(s) in email body is in realtime black list by the following online tools:

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL Bulk Email Sender Guidelines

If you are sending mail in accordance with above guidelines and still have problems to deliver email to those email providers, you can contact the support by the following URL:

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