Set up DKIM for Exchange Server on Windows Server Core 2016/2019

On Windows Server Core without desktop experience feature installed, you should run the installer by remote desktop under DOS command or Powershell, do not run the installer under Windows Admin Center -> Powershell remotely.

Slient installation

DKIM installer supports silent mode, you can use the following command to start silent installation.

DOS command

start /wait eaxchdomainkeys.exe /S


start eaexchdomainkeys.exe -ArgumentList /S -Wait

Command Arguments

The following arguments are case-sensitive.

DKIM Management Shell

Because DKIM Gui Manager doesn't support server core without desktop experience installed, so you can use "DKIM Management Shell" to manage DKIM configuration.
DKIM Management Shell

Use DKIM Manager with Server Core

After you installed DKIM on Server Core + Exchange Server, but DKIM manager is not available.

You can run DKIM installer on a client machine (Windows 7 - Windows 10) without Exchange Server installed, the DKIM management tool will be installed.

After the DKIM manager is installed, open DKIM manager and create domain(s), then click "Open Config Folder", find [domain].json files in config folder, copy those files to "Your Exchange Server\DKIM installation path\dkim", then your Exchange Server has the same configuration.

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